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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MANGA!~~ (sry 801 Content)

Part II:
Okay this is my own opinion:
I have found some mangaka that absouloutely ADORE~~
They are :

1)KISARAGI HIROTAKA (He's a guy if anybody asks)

Other Title(s): Kyoudai Gentei

Summary :
from forever more :
Summary: After being told that his dad passed away, Souichirou came back to the house which was his home 8 years ago, and there he found out about the existence of his 2 older brothers, the eldest - Masato and the younger - Kaname, and they've started living together. One day, he saw the love scene of his two brothers! It’s Souichirou’s trouble & love comedy!!

I Want To Be Naughty

Summary : The Student Council has their eye on Towa Aikawa the school delinquent. He hides out on the rooftop, it's his special illegal place. He finds Mikado Shirahane on the roof one day. He's the hottest, smartest guy in school, and now he's in Towa's Xanadu...why would Towa find himself falling for him?

Perhaps it's the passionate kisses and longing looks from the school stud...!?

I Want To Be Naughty series :
* Kirai Ja NaI Kedo
* Koi Ja Nai Kedo
* Warui Koto Shitai
* Waruiko Demo Ii?
* Warui Yatsu Demo Ii
* Warui Koibito ja Dame?
(See for yourself why i'm so crazy abt this X3)


Ai to Yokubou wa Gakuen de

Other Title(s) : Love and Desire are at a school

Summary :
Because the way people have a high interest in "sex," a sex school was formed in order to fulfill the students' desires and help them become more advanced in their skills. Ion, in order to help pay off the debts in his family, has enrolled in the school, hoping to gain knowledge and sell out his body in the future to gain money. But Ion gains more than just "knowledge" in the sex industry, and he starts to fall for his Instructor Asagi...but love is strictly banned from the school...<3

(9 vol.s!! Its all abt different people but connect somehow. But sometimes to the school you know? Not to each other. Yup YES! Oh. Okay. . . . . .Well Gambateh trying this out. I read the first vol. and it was AMAZINGLY SIZZLING~~~>><<)

Bukiya Wa Silent

Toono Satoru was just asked to go on a date by Tamiya Keigo, but all Satoru does is stare blankly at him without saying a word. The truth is that Satoru is so happy right now he could burst! He's had a crush on Tamiya for the longest time and never thought the feelings might be mutual. Unfortunately for Satoru, his emotions never show on his face and he barely ever talks. Naturally, this causes all sorts of misunderstandings. Will he be able to express his true feelings for Tamiya? Will Tamiya ever learn to read Satoru's expressionless face?
(For me it was a very heart warming story (sort-of. Aprt from the eh-hum scenes)...^.^)

MANGA~ (sorry 801 Content)

Yaoi~~~~ Part I :
Blissful & Sinful (AHHH~~>////<)

This is From Yahoo! Answers :>>

to read online, download or buy??

to buy one of the best publishers is june manga...http://junemanga.com/index.php?
they have awesome yaoi!!
(you should definitely read "brother" bu yuzuha ougi!! its sooo smexii!!) and theres also "little butterfly", "dear myself". "desire", "our everlasting", "free fall romance", "our kingdom (this is ok...), etc.....

there are also yaoi novels!! i really love these!! like "the man who doesnt take off his clothes", "cold sleep" and "dont worry mama"-- by narise konohara !!

for downloading... check out this list!!

you have to have an account for this site!!

(download "Kohitsuji Hokaku Keikaku!" by haruka minami, "love mode" by yuki shimizu, "sensitive pornograph", "brotherxbrother", "darling", "color", "junk!boys", "after i get drunk on you", etc.... from manga traders ^^)

you can also read some yaoi manga at youtube.com
you can read "close the last door" by yugi yamada here and some others.
here is act 1 for close the last door: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ie_5qn2jt70
there are 5 acts. just enlarge the screen to see the text.
there is also an ova for the first act:
part 1:
part 2:

there are just soo many!!

some manga ka i highly reccomed are: hyouta fujiyama, minase masara, chitose piyoko, kanbe akira, haruka/kazuiki minami, eiki eiki, zaou taishi, hinako takanaga, kano miyamoto, touko kawai, yuki shimizu.....

http://aarinfantasy.com/ is a great site!!
you can download alot of yaoi manga from here. you can search by artists and scan groups. there is a yaoi forum, as well as a place to download yaoi anime!!

i highly reccomend reading "okane ga nai" (there are also three eps) where you can download at www.forever-more.org
(jinsei wa barairo da, oyaji hiroimashita... i like all the manga forever more scans ^^)

here are some of the websites i go to for my yaoi manga:

the order is:
scan group
small word or description
web site ^^
(you can download from all these sites!! you can read some yaoi at animanganetwork)
you can also read some manga at http://www.mangatemple.com/

Aaa. Tokudane
This is the place to go for yaoi updates!
http://community.livejournal.com/tokudan… kagura17takaya

Aarin fantasy collections
you can dowload ALOT from here from alot of scan grroups and manga-ka as well as yaoi anime!

Aarins scans
This is where you can download only Aarin scans and read their updates!

they have some downloads here as well as onine readings and teasers!

Attractive fascinate scans
the title says all ^^

Beautiful soup
direct downloads

Bitter sweet
they have yaoi and shojo manga here. Mega Upload for all downloads!

Bliss scans
blissful scans! Live for passion...

Bushido angel adverntures

Countless time

Dangerous pleasures
believe it or not but this was the first yaoi scans group I ever heard of/used ^^

Datenshi Blue
fallen angels

Desperate love
color is the best....

Doki Doki
Doki...? ^^

Dragonfly doujinshi
This is a doujinshi scans group ^^ A great one!

Fantasy shrine
They have ALOT of yaoi here from different groups too... but the links dont always work...

Forever more
Really great site and group ^^

Fushichou ~ the fire within manga~
you have to be 18 or older to in this group!

Game over or continue

Hack the mainstream
liquid passions, biblos eros and euphoria

Half baked scans
Found this place through aarin ^^ believe me... their work is NOT half baked!

-love this site as much as hack the main stream-

If anyone finds out what that means... tell me, okay? lol!

...on melody

Memory for you
Yes, yaoi leaves us all with many pleasant memories...lol!

Miyamoto Kano Elixer
Well, if youre a Miyamoto Kano fan like I am then this is the place for you ^^ You can download some of her stuff here and read updates as well, but i usually go to Hackthemainstream ^^

Mochi Mochi
Isn't mochi a Japanese food? lol!

No deadline scans
Yes ^^ in yaoi there is never a dead line ^^

Presence dear
They have some cute stuff here ^^

If you think that Sasuke and Naruto make a great couple, then this is the site for you! They have great stuff here!

Sex Neko's BL Site
has manga from fushichou, doki doki, yasca, mochi mochi and more!

Silver souls
yaoi is the silver in all our souls....

Smexy Bastards
hmm... this group hasnt released anything in a long time, Breath is one of the best yaoi ive read... and i cant wait for the rest of it!

Toko Kawai
You can dowload some of Toko Kawai's stories here ^^ I highly sussest reading overdose and alot of her other works!

Vices and Devices
Also got this site through Aarin... ^^

Yaoi manga downloads
You can get different stuff from different groups here. The login info and passwords is in FAQ and in the rules. read it carefully!!! thats all im gonna say... T_T