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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Voting begins for the ’2011 Melon Music Awards’+Where is JYJ on the list of nominees for ‘Melon Music Awards’?

Award season is coming up for K-Pop, and the ‘2011 Melon Music Awards‘ have revealed their Top 30 artists.

The ’2011 Melon Music Awards’ sponsors Loen Entertainment and MBC Plus Media will be running the online system for the 1st round of votes from October 27th to November 6th. Only albums that got released after December 1st, 2010 were considered.

The top 30 artists were chosen through Melon streaming statistics (40%), download numbers (50%), and SKT wireless numbers (10%). The chosen top 30 include 2NE1, 2PM, 4minute, Girls’ Day, TVXQ, B2ST, SECRET, G.NA, f(x), INFINITE, T-ara, GD & TOP, miss A, IU, Huh Gak, K.Will, CNBLUE, LeeSsang, Davichi, 10cm, Big Bang, Super Junior, and many others. ’I Am A Singer‘ participants Park Hyun Jung and Lee Bum Soo are reported to be currently ranking in the top 10.

Those advancing from the top 30 will have their votes calculated from their album scores (80%) and online votes (20%). The results of the first round of votes will be revealed on Melon’s homepage on November 7th, and the second round of voting will occur right after. The winner of the two highest voted artists will be awarded as the ‘2011 Melon Music Awards Artist‘.

The ’2011 Melon Music Awards’ ceremony will occur on November 24th at 7PM at the Olympic Park’s first stadium.


Earlier, we reported that voting began for the 2011 MMA‘s (Melon Music Awards).

Top 30 finalists were announced by Melon, which included artists like Kim Bum Soon, Park Jung Hyun, Huh Gak, 2NE1, 2PM, 4minute, Girl’s Day, TVXQ, B2ST, SECRET, G.NA, f(x), INFINITE, T-ara, GD & TOP, miss A, IU, K.Will, CNBLUE, Leessang, Davichi, 10cm, Super Junior, Big Bang, and more.

However, one artist that was missing from the top 30 list was JYJ. Their absence from the nominees list drew many heated reactions from netizens, and once again, SM Entertainment is being accused in undertones of being the influencing factor.

Some have been speculating that music award shows are showing reluctance about JYJ’s appearance due to the conflicts with SM Entertainment. If JYJ makes an appearance on the show or receives and award, SM Entertainment could possibly refuse to attend the event. They speculate that the shows don’t want to be burdened with the possibility of having SM Entertainment pull artists like f(x), TVXQ, Super Junior, and SNSD from attending.

In response to these speculations, the MMA stated, “The Top 30 were determined by the amount of streaming (40%), downloads (50%), mobile (10%) on Melon… They were determined by the precise data collected, and JYJ did not make the top 30 from those data.”

JYJ released their fist official Korean album ‘In Heaven’ in September and have been receiving much love – selling over 300,000 copies even without music program appearances.

from allkpop ^^

INFINITE DAEBAK!!! <3 *cough cough* Anyway, It could be that SM is afraid of JYJ? Banning them from music programs & so.. I read on akp that JYJ don't recieve invitations to go to music programs & even when their producers go to the station staright to ask if they can perform they are shunned or ignored. That's so sad TT

Monday, October 24, 2011

M.I.B releases full-length album + MV for ‘G.D.M’!

The boys of M.I.B, an unparalled new hip hop group by Jungle Entertainment have just released their full-length debut album ‘Most Incredible Busters‘. The group received much attention in Korea in addition to receiving an explosive response from other parts of Asia and overseas as well.

M.I.B has been featured not only on our very own allkpop, but on other various media outlets as the new faces of hip hop that will have a strong impact on the industry. Fan cafes for M.I.B have been established in different parts of the globe, including the US, France, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries, proving that they are not just another rookie group.

The 4 members ‘5Zic – Beautiful Day‘, ‘Cream – Do U Like Me‘, ‘SIMS – Hands Up‘, and ‘Kang Nam – Say My Name have each promoted individual ‘spin off’ tracks before the release of their collective single “G.D.M“. With their solo efforts, they proved to their global audience that they are four skilled & capable individuals, each expressing their unique colors through their solo tracks & MVs. As reported previously, no expenses were spared in the making of their album, and the boys have also successfully completed a Showcase on the 20th at Muse Hall proving their high standards and passion for music, heightening the expectations of those in the music industry.

In today’s day and age where mini albums and digital singles are dominating the market, the boys who are all in their early 20s have written and composed 11 fresh new songs to personally produce their first full-length album. This only serves as further proof that the boys are highly skilled music professionals, rather than another ‘idol group’.

Their title track “G.D.M (Girls, Dreams, Money)” is an addictive one consisting of trendy electronic sounds meshed with urban hip hop beats. The high quality track was recorded in the States, and the boys who dream of being on top at an international level prove to their listeners what they’re made of with the new track that sings about the hopes and aspirations of every ambitious young man out there.

M.I.B will be making performances on various music programs starting this week, including Mnet Countdown, KBS Music Bank, KBS Music Core, SBS Inkigayo, etc.

Remember to support by purchasing the music and check out their new MV for “G.D.M” below!


First to release was 5Zic's Beautiful Day (feat. BEE)

Cream's Do U Like Me

SIMS's Hands Up

Kang Nam's Say My Name (Pretty Boy Alert! <3)

Do You Like Me? If yes, Hands Up & Say My Name & It will be a Beautiful Day~
Credits to YT & Allkpop :D

NFINITE’s Sunggyu, Sungyeol, and Sungjong to fill in for Leeteuk and Eunhyuk on ‘Sukira’

Since Super Junior‘s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk are away for their ‘SM Town Live in New York‘ concert, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu, Sungyeol, and Sungjong will be filling in their radio show, KBS FM‘s ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio‘.

The three members are known as the ‘Sung brothers’ amongst fans, and they possess great potential in variety shows. Fans are excited to hear how the boys will be interacting with one another and with guests for their week-long stint. Their temporary positions will run from October 24th through the 30th.

The members stated, “It’s our first time assuming the roles of radio DJs, but we’ll make sure to do our best in place of our Super Junior seniors.”

The three ‘Sung brothers’ will be serving as temporary radio DJs on KBS 2FM (Cool FM) 89.1MHz ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio‘ from October 24th to the 30th, while the SuJu boys are in New York for SMTOWN LIVE.

Fans have high expectations for the Sung brothers, as they have featured on variety shows in the past, showing off their witty and charming personalities.

Netizens who heard the news remarked, “Wow! It’s going to be so entertaining“, “I’m so excited“, “It’s going to be awesome“, etc.

Meanwhile, Infinite’s new single “Paradise” off their re-packaged album is being met with explosive reaction from fans not only in Korea but in all of Asia.

INKIGAYO 23 Oct 2011

WHEESUNG TT I don't want you to go TT
This is last performance due to his army enlistment & health issues T.T

FT concluded their promotions early too due to the members having the flu. Strong guys huh? :D Hongki <3

BEG won AGAIN . =="
This rate, Infinite won't win unless they dish out another awesome song :P
Can't wait for the Japanese BTD,Can U Smile & more!

And guess what? Tablo joined the YG family & will have his comeback next week ^^

The Strange Dream Yesterday

Its started when i was going up a stage & dancing with some green glowing figures & my back was against the audience. Then suddenly I was a horse & later my friend told me that my neck was too low for a horse :O

Then, I was down in the hall of my high school o.o Then we we sitting on chairs & there we desks in front of us. A teacher said that we had to either count the desks & chairs or rather move them +o+ I think I have been WS*-ing too much.

Suddendly the scene changed.I was walking out from my house,I was wearing this V

and a brown Ne-Yo like hat. I think it was drizzling or something resulting me holding a maroon umbrella and walking to the left outside our house. Then suddenly I thought it was *pantang to wear a hat under an umbrella so I took it off and started walking towards the mini market opposite. I think I've been watching too much KDramas lately, everywhere I went was those luxurious cafe & shops *o*

Well, I got to my destination but suddenly met Joelle. >< I was too ashamed to buy snacks ( as I usually do when I go to the mini market) so I just followed her & made an excuse abandoning her halfway home to buy my snacks. I suddenly saw my pendrive on the ground & stared at it but didn't pick it up.. (Why? ;O) I went into the shop & grabbed a RM3 packet of snacks then searched for a RM2 snack. I finally found one BUT! it was unfortunately RM2.80 & I only had (Dang it!) RM5..I was like literally crying there xD POOOF! Dream ENDS~ And I woke up screaming NY Korea Festivalll!!! I ran downstairs but it was only 7.30 . The NYK Festival starts at 9.40 ==;;;

Now, how about the Festival? It was okay, aside from the fact that there was NO SJ,UKSS or INFINITE but I am (NOT) okay with that :D
Changmin's mic suddenly broke down & he was as cool as a cucumber performing like a pro. I think afteer Insooni's performance, the rest that performed were all old people singing old songs. And ofc, 2PM started off the concert. But I wanted a little more power in ShiNee dancing. Do they perform like that all the time or what?
I'm not a Shawol so I can't really say anything meep :3

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wheesung expresses his thoughts prior to joining the military~

Prior to his military enlistment, popular artist Wheesung took the time to sit back and reflect on his achievements.

The singer, who recently made his last comeback for the next two years with “They Are Coming“, said the comeback didn’t meet his expectations. “For what was supposed to be the end note to 10 years of being a singer, this feels somewhat not up to par,” he said. “But that also means ‘I will continue’, so it’s not exactly a bad thing. There’s a lot things over the past 10 years that I felt unsatisfied towards, but since it seems that everything I had done was right, I have no regrets.“

Wheesung also expressed his disappointment over his frail health. “Looking back, I don’t think my body follows my resolve. This time as well, I was very sick. It’s getting somewhat better, but it’s a shame that I had to end promotions early.”

To his fans, he said, “I will return with a new image after my short absence. I hope everyone will stay healthy.”

Wheesung will have his final performance on the October 23rd episode of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘.

Credits to allkpop ~

NOOOOOO! NOT WHEESUNG! After Lee Jun Ki, Rain,Hwanhee & Heechul, NOT WHEESUNG! TT

Random Parte 20- Infiniting UP UP & Away

Seriously, I have no idea what the title means xD
Randomly came to me hehe ^-^

Infinite Come Back Again

Before the Dawn, Nothing's over

Can You Smile and Be Mine

Together we can make Paradise

Woohyun+ Sunggyu = WooGyu
Hoya+ Dongwoo = YaDong
Myungsoo/L + Sungyeol = MyungYeol
SungJong is everybody's friend xD

L's Scream of Rage! (:

Sungyeol's Scream! :P

SungJong's Girly Scream! (;

Sunggyu's Scream of Happines! :D

DonGwoo's Contagious Laughing/Scream! XD

Woohyun's Adorable Scream! (x

Hoya's Running away from the manager Scream!


Some squealish fangirl moments fro ya all :D

Myungjong anyone?

Woogyu early in the morning xD

Myungyeoool <3

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Immortal Song 2 EP 4!!

Taken from allkpop :
On October 22nd, KBS‘s ‘Immortal Song 2‘ aired their 21st episode with a special on the biggest teenage rock star of the ’80s in Korea, Jun Young Rok.

The name is probably familiar to T-ara fans, as he’s the father to member Boram. The seven members of the ‘Immortal Song 2′ cast were asked to make rock arrangements of his hits. Hong Kyung Min chose “White Night“, Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung chose “Write Love with a Pencil“, 4men’s Shin Yong Jae chose “Sparks“, INFINITE’s Woohyun chose “My Cry Baby Love” with a special guest appearance by Dongwoo, Lim Jung Hee chose “It’s Still a Dark Night“, ALi chose “Hateful Person“, and Huh Gak chose “Wind, Stop Blowing“.

Kang Min Kyung, Shin Yong Jae, and Lim Jung Hee especially turned heads with their dance music transformation since they had only sung songs of the R&B and ballad genre. It was also ALi’s first time giving a stab at trot since her debut, while Huh Gak impressed with the audience with his wide musical spectrum.

Jun Young Rok watched on with a satisfied and proud smile for each performance and didn’t spare any praise.
Oh hell, it wouldn't be Immortal Song if they weren't awesome >< Oh by the way, NY Korea Festival is airing tonight at 8p.m~!! TVXQ,ShiNee,2PM,B2ST,G.NA,4MINUTE,Insooni,SISTAR & Kim Tae Woo performed! Woooot :D Gonna sit in front of the TV tonight *grin* ^^ My dear Namstar & Kenyan Boy YAY! (I'm biased so what? xD)

Winner:(Hong Kyung Min) - White Night

(Kang Min Gyeong/Davichi) - 사랑은 연필로 쓰세요 (by Jun Young Rok)

(Lim Jeong Hee) - 아직도 어두운밤 인가봐 (by Jun Young Rok)

(Huh Gak) - Wind, Please Stop Blowing

(ALi) - 얄미운 사람 Hateful Person (by Kim Ji Ae)

(Shin Yong Jae/4men) - 불티 Sparks (by Jun Young Rok)

It mindblowing.I could literally hear somewhere in my tiny brain a 'pop' sound went off *o* *Speechless*

Friday, October 21, 2011

Radom Parte 19- Reminiscing Old Times?

JYJ & TVXQ *sobs*
Apink Should really bring something unique to the table, they really have the talent to sing :O
I feel that I will get addicted to Intros on Kpop albums when they perform it live :D Like when they have their ComeBack ^^
I started liking them since Infinite's debut stage performing"Infinity" Daebaaak~
Ukiss's Neverland Intro, Dal Shabet's Beep, Boyfriend's You're My Lady,BEG's Swing It Shorty & Their Interlude to Six Sense album, Countdown & though I don't want to admit it, Kim Hyun Joong's Do you like it~


TVXQ-Keep Your Head Down

Girls' Generation- Hoot



A Pink - I Don't Know


Hyuna-Bubble Pop! (For a friend named JG)

Dal★Shabet - Beep + Bling Bling : ComeBack Stage

Performances from MBC's Music Core Oct 22,2011

Title says it all ^^

ALi - How could this be?

F.T Island - Like Birds

WheeSung - They are Coming


B1A4-Beautiful Target

Boyfriend - Don't Touch My Girl

Kim Kyu Jong(SS501)-Yesterday

And the awaited, The Boys by SNSD

SNSD/Girl's Generation The Boys! an all kill


Honestly,I kinda like the song ;3
Trust me, I'm an Inspirit,Elf & Kiss Me and I still like it. Not to the point of "OMG, I LOOOOVE THIS!" just "This is kinda good~" ^^
Its very suitable for dancing to because of the 'Boom boom cha' thingy in front & all through out the song ~

Korean ver.

English ver.

Check out more of their news on allkpop.com & download the album on kpop7.com

INFINITE > Songs that melt your Heart (Literally~)

I'll now post all the songs Infinite sang up till now kay :D Please bear with me ^^

Debut Stage:

And they are now:

1. "Infinity" (typeset as ∞)

2. "Come Back Again" (다시 돌아와)

(Dance ver.)

3. "She's Back"

4. "Wings" (날개)

5. "Fixed Star" (붙박이 별)

6. "Entrust" (맡겨)

1. "Evolution" (Intro)

2. "BTD (Before The Dawn)"

(Dance Version)

3. "Can U Smile"

4. "Hysterie"

5. "Voice of My Heart" (마음으로)

6. "I Don't Know" (몰라)

1st Single Album INSPIRIT
1. "Nothing's Over"

2. "Shot"

3. "Can U Smile" (Remake)

1st Studio Album OVER THE TOP
1. "Over the Top" (Intro)

2. "Be Mine" (내꺼하자)

(Dance Version)

3. "A Third Part" (3분의 1)

4. "Tic Toc"

5. "Julia"

6. "Because" (SungGyu solo)

7. "Stop the Time" (시간아) (WooHyun solo)

8. "Amazing"

9. "Crying" (Infinite H feat. Baby Soul)

10. "Real Story"

Repackage album (Paradise)

3. "Paradise" (파라다이스)

4. "Cover Girl"

13. "Be Mine" (Remix version) (내꺼하자)

Paradise - Physical version

14. "Hidden Track"

PLEASE SUPPORT THEM By buying their album & repackage ! INFINITE HWaitinggg! <3

Back Once More!

Back again~ So long no see peeps! xD Just confirming I'm alive & well ^^
As for NM, I have decided to phantom till December when I can finally tell them I'm quitting but who knows, I might go back :D

Getting On, I know that 2 awesome Kmovies are coming up.
And the Hallyu Wave is penetrating my brain >< MR.IDOL (JAY PARK ,Ji Hyun-Woo & Ukiss! <3 (though the're only cameo TT)) Trailer:

You're My Pet (Kimi wa Petto ring a bell? :D)