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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Radom Parte 12:OKIE!

First things first.!~ Seriously i'm sich an unrealiable person..==
But the manga or anime updates (?) will be pending~ But sometime depending on my mood, i will post one or two~ Okie?

Second thing is the DWC pic in the right column has been changed. Please look at it k?

And then, comes the VOCA-update~ not official though just one of my R.T's..
Tsuwan Just found out that there's a Zenmai series by mothy. (Remember the creator of the evil series? Akuno-P?)

First: 【鏡音リン】Kagamine Rin: "The Clockwork's Lullaby" 【English Subbed】

Next is:
[初音ミク Miku Hatsune] 箱庭の少女 Little Garden Girl

(Actually this is also a part of the Evil series..mothy likes to mix his songs~)
[Kagamine Len] Re_Birthday

(Can u see the Seven deadly sins in it~? Try try~)
KAITO - Heartbeat Clocktower

Also i found out there was Seven Deadly Sins thingy:
List of Songs in the Seven Deadly Sins>

Pride - Rin Kagamine - Daughter of Evil

Gluttony - Meiko - Repulsive Food Eater Conchita
【MEIKO】Evil Food Eater Conchita

Envy - Luka Megurine - The Tailor Shop at Enbizaka
【Megurine Luka】The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka

Lust - Gakupo Kamui - The Madness of Duke Venomania
[ENGLISH Subbed] Duke Venomania's Madness

Though not the real PV but still it has eng subs?~
Greed - Kaito - Judgement of Corruption(not out yet)

Wrath - Gumi - (Song not out yet)

Sloth - Miku Hatsune - (Song not out yet)
by Jackrock316 on YT

Remember the Aku series? >>
【Yowane Haku】Daughter of White

TSUwan says: GO!!~

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Append Kagamine Rin & Len -- Hatsune Miku 2011 Live Concert in Tokyo Announced!!

Earlier today, Crypton updated their Append Kagamine Rin & Len section to unveil their official illustrations. The designs were done by artist Osamu.
Information from Crypton�s Vocaloid2 CV Twitter account has revealed a test version of Rin�s Append Sweet and there�s also more information regarding Len�s Append which was made known recently. More to be revealed after the jump!

A reminder that the Append software itself will be released on December 27th � celebrating their 3rd year anniversary. Retail priced at 16,800 JPY. AmiAmi is currently taking pre-orders � on sale there for 15,500 JPY.

On March 9th, 2010, a Vocaloid concert event known as 「Miku no Nichi Kanshasai 39′s Giving Day」 was held at the Zepp Tokyo music hall. Today it has been announced that another live show will be held in the same venue and date next year.

「Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011 -39′s Live IN TOKYO-」 is the official name for the 2011 Vocaloid concert in Tokyo. The show will be organized by 5pb. Of course, the Project DIVA production team will also be participating in this huge event.

Pre-sale ticket reservation period begins December 27th and last until January 5th, 2011. General ticket sales will be made available January 30th (date subject to change).

Also the official website is counting down the days till the live show.

*Quick Recap:

Concert Name: 「Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011 -39′s Live IN TOKYO-」
Organizer: 5pb.
Sponsors: Crypton Future Media / SEGA / Good Smile Company / AG-ONE
Official Website: 5pb
Concert Date: March 9th, 2011. Doors open at 18:00. Show starts at 19:00. Ends at 21:30 (subject to change)
Venue: Zepp Tokyo
Ticket Fee: 5390 JPY (tax included).
Gift: Nendoroid Plus Hatsune Miku charm (Sakura version)
Pre-sale Ticket Reservation Period: December 27th~January 5th / 18:00 / E+: E Plus
General Ticket Sale Date: January 30th, 2011 (subject to change)

Taken from OtakuStreams: BloodyAngel____

Friday, February 4, 2011

Random Parte! 11 - Shugo Chara Encore!

Celebrate! After 10 posts, R.T has come back (ahaha~) Well, don't mind that.
Today, i'm gonna copy smthg from Yahoo answers that I stumbled upon.

Will there be a season 4 shugo chara?
A:We can't give a direct answer to that question yet. The reason why Shugo Chara Party! ended so suddenly on 25 episodes rather than continuing to 51 like the previous seasons was due to the fact they failed to attract as many viewers unlike the previous seasons(No doubtly for the fact that they got rid out ikuto who was a major impact in the previous seasons for amuto fans)
As for creating a fourth season, There is still a possibility that they will create it as they have just started the second season of the manga called Shugo Chara Encore! which seems like it could follow the old seasons story line. At the end of Shugo Chara Party! there were some unanswered questions which i would really like to know. Hikaru's Guardian egg(It would be cool what he looks like ^^) And my most wanted What will there high school experience be like x3 Oh also they really really need to give us the answer of who amu will get with! In the manga i was really surprised when Kutau actualy happened it was a shock since I only thought it was a fan made couple because it didn't really happen in the Anime or Season One of the manga. So Season 4 can follow that storyline as well But so far there is no confirmed season 4 however there is still a high chance for season 4, I feel there really should be because i'm a major fan of Shugo Chara :D ^^

_Answer by Rena

I also stumbled upon Shugo Chara Encore some time ago and it was only up to Rima & Nagi..
Lazy so i didn't pursue it further. But i saw it again and there AMUTO in it!! >///< (KYAAAA~)
I really support Rena's answer. I REALLLYY want to see Amu in High School (along with Ikutoooo~ < Amuto Fangirl here.~ Lots and lots of unanwered questions i want answered Hmph@!

_TsuwAn Looking foward to SC Encore!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Are~>? Ah! Sou.. Well, i'm gonna post something like my fav mangaka or manga in the column on the right>> so feel d=free to look at it. Oh OMIGOSH! GOMEN! The reviews haven't been updated because i've been so busy lately.~ But i promise to have a few by this week!~ Wait patiently thankies.XD

Just a little info~
Baka-updates: (the manga side) himitsusaru
Twitter: #AhPatx2
FaceBook: Patricia Lo (th only one with an anime pic Lol.)
Managing : Rain Stops & Singer in the Dark blogs

TSUwan says, "TSU you!!"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happie CNY GUYS!

It's Chinese New Year for us!! And as i'm (seriously) typing this, fireworks and stuff are going off all around my house.XXD