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Sunday, January 23, 2011

MR 05:Koibini S

There are 3 stories in this One-shot volume. I just chose the first one.

A half-hearted love affair, a worthless friendship. The four people who are bored everyday, encounter an old granny at the convenience store. "Do you want to work at my house? I'll pay each of you 200,000 yen." How can such a good deal exist in this world?? (200,000 yen~2140 US dollars)

Scanlation Status: Completely Scanlated.

Genre:Romance , School Life , Shoujo

TsuO: Story. Touching.SPOILER!Portrays a girl that thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her & an old lady's happiness. Art, is easy on the eyes.
Rating: 9/10

MR 04: The Devil Within / Tenshi no Naka ni Akuma Ari

Rion had a traumatic experience when she was a child. Horrified after stumbling upon an adult film, she’s convinced that all men are devils -- and it's hard to overcome her fear when her father is the worst one of all! Thanks to him, Rion is thrown together with three different guys and forced to choose one as a fiancé! Suddenly faced with three impatient grooms, can Rion overcome her fear long enough to unveil her father's hidden agenda -- and get out of her impending wedding?

Scanlation Status:Completely Scanlated.

Genre:Comedy , Harem , Romance , Shoujo , Supernatural,Reverse Harem

TsuO:Weweeeeell, um.The story is well about angles and demons? Well.Its okay i guess.The chemistry between Tenshi and Rion is cleary there. Art, is pretty good. The eyes look beautiful.XX3

Rating: 8/10
Hm. Maybe i'll do Anime Reviews?

MR 03:Ouran Koukou Host Bu / Ouran High School Host Club

Okay i will run through all the manga in my PC.
First will be reverse Harems, then 801's, then Shoujo's.

From Viz:
In this screwball romantic comedy, Haruhi, a poor girl at a rich kids' school, is forced to repay an $80,000 debt by working for the school's swankiest, all-male club--as a boy! There, she discovers just how wealthy the six members are and how different the rich are from everybody else...

Scanlation Status: Completely Scanlated. (18 volumes.)

Genre: Comedy , Gender Bender , Romance , School Life , Shoujo

TsuO: SERIOUSLY.This is hilarious.!! Storyline, AWESOME. Art, BEAUTIFUL, simple and clean. But sometimes there are too many words ==...BUT NEVER MIND THAT EEEHEHEHEHEE.
SPOILER!!I loved how Haruhi became more and more Kawaii and Pretty towards the end.

But i couldn't stop laughing. I laughed so much my neighbour asked if i had swallowed laughing gas.(ehehehe.IT was LOUD you see and continous...00)

Rating:10/10 (though it has flaws. :))

A little random thing down here>>
Haruhi in a santa suit>? Yay!

MR 02: Shape of Love

(The title pic is Story2)

1) Shape of Love
"Hisa, think only of me. Look only at me." Men who work in dissolute places, mostly have dark and dangerous pasts. Although bar girl Hisa knows the danger, she can’t help but fall in love. Can she too accept her boyfriend’s past--?

TsuO: U don't want to read this seriously. When i was finished, i was like "WHAT>?/???" The start was okay, there's 3 Parts. The First part was okay, the second was going off a bit and the last one was #^$%*^(^(^*%&#@$!!* -ing. *SIGH*
Rating: 2/10 (Just for Part I)

(The title pic is Story2)
2) an*do Twin Star
A story about a pair of twins who want to be number one in Japan.

TsuO: This was okay too. But i didn't like Satomi.She was too domineering. And Her twin was like too over the top. Like sometimes she was Strong and others she was like tofu. == SPOILER!!The story was a bit cliched and the ending was sad. BUT! This showed the close-ness of both twins from the day they were born.
Overall was like sfx:ugh...hm.
Rating: 2/10

Manga Review 01 : Junketsu + Kareshi /Pureblood Boyfriend

CELEBRATE! It's my FIRST Manga Review !! But first things first,
1)Since i'm lazy like anything, i'll just shorten Manga Review to MR.
2)Just like tsuWan's Opinion is shortened to TsuO. X3

Summary :
From Nevermore Scans:
"From now on, I will destroy you..." This bewitching, heartrending, most wicked boyfriend appeared in front of Kanami!? A dangerous and sweet new serialisation starts!
Takachiho Kanami who attends a distinguished private school is bright, well-behaved and extremely soft-hearted no matter what the time. She's neat, and doesn't seem to have any problems, but she carries a darkness within her heart. On the night of the full moon, the world around her starts to grow loud.
The meeting that changes Kanami's fate is already drawing close.

Scanlation Status : Ongoing

Genre : Shoujo,Reverse Harem,Fantasy,Romance

TsuO:Shouoto AYA !!! EEEEE( f.y.i Barajou no Kiss? S.L.H?)Ehm. Well, Can't blame Shouoto Aya-sensei, her art is so beautiful!! She excels in Reverse Harems. (thats why I <3 her!!!) Storyline, good if you like Vampires or that sort of fantasy thing. Art,Simple and clean but at sometimes a bit off. Hm.

But i can't comment on this too much, because its still ongoing.
Just so you know.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

UPDATE 02: Reviews


But i'm not going to do the Kagamine songlist anymore. That long its so obivious already.
So just to conclude i'm telling that if you're waiting for it, Please stop waiting.It ain't gonna come. I'm sorry.

But on the BRIGHT side, I'm going to do reviews on the manga i've read and are in my PC.

Links *Maybe* from Mediafire.
Reviews are from Baka-Updates or wiki/wikia.
Opinions will be stated my yours truly.
Pic to all their copyrighted owners.



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Soul Eater~De manga! & Link>

Hihi~Just an intro to Soul Eater (which has been adapted to an anime in 2008.That means i'm late 3 years ==)
In Soul Eater, meister (職人, shokunin?) Maka Albarn and her weapon partner Soul Eater are students at Death Weapon Meister Academy (死神武器職人専門学校, Shinigami Buki Shokunin Senmon Gakkō?)—"DWMA" (死武専, Shibusen?) for short—located in the fictional Death City[1] in Nevada, United States. The school has many other students including Black Star with his weapon partner Tsubaki, and Death the Kid with his weapon partners Liz and Patty. The school is run by Shinigami, Death himself, as a training facility for weapons and the human wielders of those weapons, the meisters.[1] Maka's goal, along with the other meisters, is to have their weapons defeat and absorb the souls of 99 evil humans and one witch, which will dramatically increase the power of the given weapon and turn them into death scythes, weapons capable of being used by shinigami.[1] In the universe of Soul Eater, witches are powerful beings and the natural enemies of DWMA, as almost all of them have a destructive nature and desire anarchy.

To download the manga links HERE!

I found it somewhere and i just wanna share it with you all.!! :)
Tsuwan HEre~!

UPDATE: ***19/1/2011

Okay>>>: 1)new template .
2)Banner of The Kagamines.
3)Disclaimer updated.
4)The title description updated.
5)clock added.
6)BRS update> STILL pending..
7)Kagamine Songlist > PENDING LIKE ANYTHING.
8)pic at side>DONE. But it goes to Singer In The Dark>>
9)Photo album> pending..
10)Graphiccs> don't seem to work huh.. PENDING...

For The Singer In the Dark>>> :
1) new template
2) banner> pending..
3) clock> pending...
4) videos & ipod> pending...
5) pic at side>pending...
6) cbox > pending..
7)Graphics? >pending...

SEEE? I'm not lazy.Just no time.
Oh and Hakuoki Season 1 is called Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Season 2 is called Hakuoki Hekketsu Roku.
For anyone to wants some Gyaku Harem.> LOVE<3 SoujiXChizuru//SaitoXChizuru//HeisukeXChizuru//KazamaXChizuru//>>//////<<

Will post BRS (really.!SHinjite kureru yo ne>?) and Hakuoki Character info/. But Kagamine songlist..i'm still thinking about wheter i should do it.Because it needs to be updated.Like everyday.AND I don't have time like that...~!


Random Parte 10~Lazieee>*o*

I'm lazy and i know it.With school,home and fren problems,*SIGH* its a loooong year.
But anyways, HAPPY (early) NEW YEAR!! & Thaipusam (but who cares? no offence.)
Anyways,I just joined BAKA-Updates and Nihonomaru (though a long time ago~)
so if you just want to check it out its: X / the forum>> And Baka-Updates you can just serach on google. GO GOOGLE IT!

My illegal burning
I've also finished my Hakuouki quest, AVI-ing season 1 & season 2 (each 3 parts.from Youtube) then transferring them to my pendrive named chi-chan then burning them to two seperate disks. Phew. Now for Soul Eater!!

Though this has nothing to do with anything, i've recently started downloading english songs.Going crazy.(with JB in it too.) I recently thought about what had influenced me to do my hobbies and interests.~
1)Violin>>The anime,La Corda D'ro.

2)Singing>> It just came naturally.I started singing along to songs. And not to mention stupidly printing out the lyrics & romaji~Sigh*I mostly sing Vocaloid songs but i somehow thought that wasn't going to help me so,English~comes.

3)Drawing>>My sister.She used to design some clothes and i thought it was beautiful.I started copying what she did(She's my sis after all.) and after somewhile stopped then i started again four years ago.Till now, i always doodle in my book when its Geo,KH,Math & BC period.

4)Cello>>Kanon Wakashima.She's so cool 0><0

5)Vocaloids>>"I thought, "what the heck, i should go try some of that vocaloid stufff and VOILA! Hatsune Miku-chan was the first one to be seen.(didn't bother with the engloids that much)
Vocaloids seen sequence :
1)Hatsune Miku
2)Megurine Luka
3)Kagamine Rin & Len (Act2) (Act1 is horrible!)
5)Meiko (Best for traditional Jap. songs)

6)Megpoid Gumi
7)Kamui Gakupo (I didn't see him until Gumi was released.I only found out he EXSISTED after Gumi was released & he was from the singer Gackt.Though i have no 'eck idea who the dude is.)
8)Prima (based on a real opera singer.~)
9)Sweet Ann
10)Leon (Ohhh.my ears.)

AH software
11)Kaai Yuki (grade scholler (?))
12)Furukawa Miki
13)Hiyama Kiyoteru (Rumored to be an older & grown-up ver. of Kaito.Best solo-ed.)
14)Hatsune Miku APPEND (Love Dark.Solid sounds weird.)
15)Lily (sounded horrible with those who don't know how to use her since she was hard to use.)

16)VY1 Mizki (eeeee!!~~ so smooth!)
17)Nekomura Iroha (AH Software too. LOVED <3 Her demo was so smooth that i had high expatations for her.)
18) Gachapoid (Even though he was released BEFORE Iroha, i didn't look at him.Hello>? Buck-toothed dino>?)
19)Utatane Piko (voiced by NND's Piko who is legendary for his EXTREMELY Girly voice just like Sekihan.EXamples:Amu.LOVE those who can changed thire voice drastically <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3)
20) TO COME~!

_tsuwan DESU~!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

HELLOO~ JUZ CHecking to see that i'm alive~ BRS Update:>

These are my excuses. 1)Went to N.Z 2) School reopend 3)I'm lazy and all i do is eat and sleep...(=="""")
oh well, That's me.Okay well, Today as promised, I will finish up BRS wiki.Then move on to Kagamine songlist.

Dead Master (デッドマスター) is the "other self" of Takanashi Yomi.
Her weapon of choice is a large scythe named Dead Scythe.Most of the time she is accompanied by two skulls, each with glowing cavities.

She is showy and sinister, licking her fingers when trying to kill Black★Rock Shooter and making huge shows with her scythe. She makes a large show of threatening, wicked smiles, and while she is quiet, she is silently taunting her enemy. She also makes hissing noises when agitated.

Apparently, she can take over Takanashi Yomi's body when her emotions become similar to the Dead Master's.

Taken from wikia.

TsuWan's opinion: She's the antagonist in the OVA anime series Black★Rock Shooter. She's Mato's friend that gets jelous because Mato gets a new friend and she feels left out.Well, i can sure relate to that. It happend to me.Once.

Insane Black★Rock Shooter(インセインブラック★ロックシューター - Insein Burakku Rokku Shuuta) is presumed to be another form of Black★Rock Shooter. She does not appear in the OVA. Her bladed weapon does appear in the OVA however. She first appeared on huke's blog and his pixiv account.

TsuWan's opinion:nothing.She looks cool. Heard somewhere abt BRS and Black Gold Saw
were 'infused' (blue+red=purple) and became Insane BRS. (Not confirmed yet though.)

Black★Gold Saw (ブラック★ゴールドソ) is part of the supporting cast of the OVA series Black★Rock Shooter. Her relevance to the plot is still unclear, and her origins, along with her human counterpart, have not been disclosed.Her weapon of choice is a large black sword with a long handle and a curved hilt shaped like a pointing-down crescent; its name is "King Saw". It is unknown if she is an "other self" at all, and if she is, whom she is one for and how she relates to Black★Rock Shooter or Kuroi Mato.

TsuWan's opinion: She fights against BRS in the first part of the OVA. And looks way cool.But then,Which BRS character doesn't look cool>? (the're designed by huke for fish's sake.)

Black★Devil Girl (ブラック★デビガール - Burakku Debi Garu) is part of huke's Black★Rock Shooter.She uses a black-handled katana for combat.

TsuWan's opinion: She's cool, but since she's wearing glasses i don't really like her. (I'm a person who doesn't like megane kyaras.But i'm wearing glasses so its a wonder...)

Black★Matagi (ブラック★マタギ - Burakku★Matagi) is part of the supporting cast in huke's Black★Rock Shooter. Her weapon is a gunblade, a large artillery weapon with an even larger blade attached to its end. Its overall length can rival Black★Matagi's height.

TsuWan's opinion: Who doesn't like gunblades??SERIOUSLY. (EEEE cool-ness overload>>!)

Strength (or STR) is part of the supporting cast in the OVA anime series Black★Rock Shooter. She is implied to be the "other self" of Yuu. Strength is also known as White Rock Strength. Like Geshumaru, Strength uses mechanized weaponry. Her arms are made up of two huge mechanical arms called "Ogre Arm".She is shown approaching Black★Rock Shooter and the Dead Master in their battles (but in a different part of the Otherworld), while at the same time Yuu's feelings at being "left out" grow darker.

TsuWan's opinion: Seriously.Me no likey.She stole MATOOO~ but who can blame her? She's the character that doen't have any control of what happens to her.

BRS UPdate:Underworld Vulcan,Death Scythe,Geshumaru,Nafhe,& Ninja Zero Two will be coming up. A pic will be posted starring (B★RS,B★GS,STR & DM)