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Saturday, September 18, 2010

This is Nekomura's demo

& heres Lily's. (ugh really don't like Lily. Iroha's though is a different story. So smooth sounding wow. AH Software? Quite aweshum.)

Nekomura Iroha?

New Vocaloid Nekomura Iroha by AH-Software

Earlier on it was reported on the blog that there will be a new Vocaloid by AH-Software together with collaboration from Sanrio. And now more information have finally been made available on her, so just continue reading for the news on that~

This new Vocaloid’s name will be known as Nekomura Iroha (猫村いろは) and the illustrator for her will be okama, in which she was originally a kittyler before given the upgrade to become a Vocaloid. AH-Software has uploaded two demo songs for her and you can listen to them below:

Clepsydra – OP theme song for PC game “Clepsydra: Hikari to Kage no Juujika”
Lyrics – Hazuki Yura
Compose – Drop
(with cooperation from Ribbon Magic)

Tsubasa – Sound Pool Vol.8
Lyrics – Nobuo Kiyota
Compose – Minako Adachi
(with cooperation from Pure Sound)

Her optimal tempo would be between 70-170 while her optimal range would be from E2-G4

With the first-press version of the software a song CD consisting of two original AHS songs “Tsubasa” and “ABBEY FLY” (with karaoke tracks) will be bundled with the package and the VSQ files for these songs will be included in the installation CD as well.

Nekomura Iroha is scheduled to be released on October 22nd 2010 at a price of 15,750 yen (tax included).

The center of the English Vocaloid Community

Kanon Wakeshima

Kanon Wakeshima. Such a cute girl. Plays the cello, has a sweet voice. What can you ask for more? I knew her from VK (but then who doesn't?) Fan of hers X3 Recently she became popular after smthg?
Biography from Wiki:

Before her birth, Wakeshima's music loving parents wished for her to be a musician. At the age of three, she began learning the cello beginning her entry into the world of music. In junior high school she formed her own ensemble group. At the age of fifteen, she transitioned from her former classical ensembles into playing in the baroque section. Appearing in a variety of recitals and concerts throughout her school years, she began writing her own music and combining singing with her cello playing at the age of sixteen. As she transitioned from junior high school to high school, she began writing her own music and singing. She gave her first vocal performances during a high school festival.[4]

Wakeshima auditioned at Sony Music Entertainment as a singer, originally not intending to include her cello playing with her demo tape, but later changing her mind after experimenting with performing with the piano. She became a finalist at the audition, contracting with the Sony subsidiary DefSTAR Records and debuting on May 28, 2008 with her first single, "Still Doll."[5] The single was chosen to be used for the ending theme of the first season of the anime adaptation of the manga series Vampire Knight.[3][6][7]

She uses three cellos, one for performing, one for music videos and one for recording. Wakeshima has given each cello a name. The white cello is known as Mikazuki-san which means "crescent moon." This is the cello she is normally seen performing on during live performances. The red cello is known as "Nanachie-san" which means wisdom. This is the cello commonly seen in her music videos. According to Wakeshima, Nanachie-san is very hard to play but she manages. Her third cello is a brown cello called "Yaeharu-san" which means "multi-layered spring." Yaeharu-san is very special to Wakeshima since it is the cello she had since middle school and is the one she practices on and records with. Currently, she had a new silver cello named "Momotose".[citation needed]

She has recently formed a group with An Cafe's bassist, Kanon, called kanonxkanon. The groups will sing the second theme song for the horror anime, Shiki (manga), called Calendula Requiem (カレンデュラ レクイエム).

ALBUM : Shinshoku Dolce (1)


ALBUM: Lolitawork Libretto


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NND singers. DUETS & SOLOS part2

Girls here:..>>






MIMU (her scissorshands is AWESHUM)





HERE I GO: Guys would be >>








More if i find any sexyvoiced guys XD

Tourai HERE again.

OMGF Just found out that Tourai/Tolie created Magnet, SPICE!&RIP=RELEASE!! EEEEEE!!


Melting from sexiness.. AHHHHHH

Saturday, September 11, 2010

One of these days..

Just found out about Vocaloid choruses. Can't believe they even have that.
Anyways, i was looking around and found and .AVI coverter and Joinver. Aren't i lucky?
Not those free trial thingies. HUH! hATE EM.
Free AVI MPEG WMV MP4 FLV Video Joiner &
FLV to AVI Video Converter
-(ooh goodie goodie.)

But then yesterday, when i finished downlaoding Shugo ChARA DOKI! and moved around stuff,
I found out that my USB couldn't work. Freaking damnation. Now my other UBS is in the clutches of my sis. WHICH she use to do all sorts of CAMP RANGER thingies. Huh. I refused to help her even though she begged me to.
Cruel aren't I?


Vocaloid Chorus (+1UTAU)-Magnet

Wow this is great. I can't believe i even found this on Youtbe. Wondering about. then, TA-DAA! BOOM. Here you go.Heehee.<3

Friday, September 10, 2010

Miku "We are POP☆CANDY!" with English Lyric

Quoted frm youtube user: "Why cant we live in a beautiful world like this and let all the vocaloids give us candy and we could be happy forever?one solution:WE NEED TO BUILD PLANET ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!"


Tecno-ish. Nice.

Spinning Song-Hatsune Miku [Append Dark] (oRIGINAL BY Kagmine Rin &Len)

Has a"Dark & blue" scheme to it.(quoted frm Youtube)
Append Dark is a good fit to tsumugiuta.

Coward Mont Blanc-Megpoid Gumi

Woohoo~ This is the best Gumi song i have ever heard.Recommended by tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/CrowningMusic/Vocaloid

OVER-(Original by Hatsune Miku) [Wotamin]

The most heavenly sounding OVER i have eva heard.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Magnet~ Boys Edition >///< YAY!

BEST 1 DOWN HERE::: >>>>

MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?rnwa0kzylzy



Please don't faint at the sound of their voices. BEST PAIR of Guys voices FOR MEEE!!!
*dies of nosebleed*


So calming. A new lullaby for me. Nero's voice is so HAWT. >///<

Piano-Lesson-Acoustic Arrange [BuzzPanda]

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, the worlds virtual diva !!@!


Oh well. Boring day...==
Shugo Chara! Doki! Is 50% good anyways.
Hm no idea what to do today.
Downloaded two more 801 series (es?) it was okay i guess.
Black Rock Shooter OVA hasn't been watched yet. Wonder will it be good.
I can't find any link to download it though. Its all the Music PV only. So sad.
If some1 finds one (thats working) please tell me.

Gemini-Kagamine Rin& Len

Favourite song of mine *smiles*.

Sweetiex2 (Posting more)

Sweetest song EVA!! X3
Cute. By Dixie Faltline:

"Gemini" (Rin & Len) (Mar.07.2008)
"Hanagumori" (Len) (Mar.29.2008)
"Shinonome Scramble" (Miku) (Jun.03.2008)
"Mobius" (Miku) (Jun.09.2008)
"Hanagumori (act2)" (Len) (Jul.26.2008)
"Jacob's Ladder" (Miku) (Jul.28.2008)
"Sweetie×2" (Miku) (Aug.25.2008)
"Mikulantica" (Miku) (Oct.17.2008)
"Juvenile" (Rin & Len) (Jan.23.2009)
"Just Be Friends" (Luka) (Jul.04.2009)
"Yume no Tsuzuki" (Miku, Rin, Len, Luka) (Aug.12.2009)
"Ignition" (Luka) (Aug.13.2009)


Yay!! XD Its the time (FINALLY) to...COMMENT ON SONGS!!! YAY !! WEEEEE~
All songs are from Youtbe and originated from Nico Nico Douga. I do Not Own anything that i post. This is all fan-based. TQ

Hiyama Kiyoteru

Welll..Other fans says he sounds like Kaito alot and is a Older,maturer version of him. Can't disagree there. If you listen to the song with Kaito below, you can;t find a diffrence. A little Maybe. Congratz 2 those who DID find a difference. BUT. I'll judge Kiyo-sensei by his solos. They sound better. The girl fans are bullying him (well, not only kaito, but ALL the other male vocaloids are being harassed by the girls...especially len who has rin torturing him always XD)

Kaai Yuki

Yuki X3 She's so kyyyuuuuuttteee!!
Ah! A elementary grade school student how kawaii is tat nee?
Her voice is cute as becuz shes a elementary grade school student LOLz x3
a DEMO & White Present:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

SF-A2 Furukawa Miki

Miki oooo~
Well, released this year 2010..Voice pitch sounds okay-ish.Not a really big fan though. Too squeaky sounding. See 4 yourself.
Best of Miki's songs: