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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Random Parte 15- C : The Mystery

Looks like Google changed its layout agin o.o I loved the Google Guitar Doodle ...http://www.google.com/logos/2011/lespaul.html
Fufufu, just being curious but, what is the 'best laugh'?

Haha (Standard)
    Fufufufufu (Chuckles)
    Ohohohoh (The Santa Claus)
    Kukukuku (Evil Laugh 1: Asia)
    Kekekeke (Evil Laugh 2: Asia)
    Mwahahaha (Evil Laugh 3: The West)
    Gahahahaha (Witch's Cackle)
    Jajajajaja (Mexico)
    LOL (The Internet)  ?
I'm actually interested in economics now. Heck, I even asked my mom about investing & stocks~
Gah, anime does change my outlook on life alot.. World Domination!

 Credits for the v below ---apprivoiser.wordpress.com.

Kimimaro Makes A Deal With The Devil

The main protaganist of our little financial story is Kimimaro, who’s an economics student. My guy here is an extremely hard-working 19 year old man. We don’t get a lot of 19 year old protaganists in anime, do we? He’s a very hard-working person who has two jobs but has no girlfriend to say: “I DO NOT NEED THIS OKAY, MY MAN HAS TWO JOBS!” Speaking of girlfriends, the would-be girlfriend Hinabi is a really close friend of his and frequently helps him out with his busy schedule such as helping pass his exams. However, she has a boyfriend, something I didn’t see coming. But I fathom that her relationship with that guy probably won’t last for too long, since Kimimaro clearly likes the girl and as far as anime shows go, if there’s a love interest, the main protaganist always gets the girl (unless of course it’s Bleach or Naruto). Later on, we meet Masakaki, who’s like a mix between the Mad Hatter, Willy Wonker and Kyubey the frickin’ Joker in terms of character design and personality. He’s prepared to make Kimimaro a deal in which he can become an entrepreneur in exchange for his future. I was surprised at how calm Kimimaro took everything, from Masakaki taking his apartment into a weird dimensional space, to him disappearing and appearing everywhere. The next day, Kimimaro finds about 500,000 yen in his bank account, which I assume is supposed to be some sort of bait or advance for Kimimaro to take. I mean, really. He actually goes around asking about what he should do with the money, because it might have been an accounting error. I would have taken it. It’s money. Any person would have taken it, and it’s by doing this is what leads Kimimaro into the deal with the devil. With money, he could go out with the girl he likes, Minabi, since the boyfriend she has is rich, whereas Kimimaro isn’t, even though he’s working TWO JOBS. Soon, Kimimaro is whisked away into the Financial District, and then we get to see a glimpse of another fairy-looking character.

I'll end this post by saying,
                                 C IS FREAKING AWESOME.