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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random Parte-Cat's Tale

Random Parte will be changed into 'Fish Bone' :3
I'm feeling random ,yes.
And also, you should really check this out.
Knite Chapter 1-CLICK
Knite Chapter 2-CLICK
Knite Chapter 3-CLICK
Knite Chapter 3 Bonus-CLICK
According to the artist on DA, Knite will continue till chapter 7 or 8.
1000 words-CLICK
Another heart-wrenching story. T^T
Check her out on DA-CLICK


Random Parte 17- More Updates :D

As promised, the gifs are here! My Banner & background has changed too.
Now, there is also a 'LIKE' button underneath my posts. Feel free to like anything.~
I wish someone would tell me how to put the 'like' button in the bar beside my posts though. *sigh* Help!

On to the gifs now <3 PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketSuprised?PhotobucketPhotobucket

Awesome random things : xD
PhotobucketPhotobucketUh,Cat?Upgrade anyone?Photobucket

Aaaand, some Ao no exorsist <3 PhotobucketPhotobucket

Random Parte 17-The Wandering

From Negerate

Uta no Prince-sama sure looks like a gyaku harem to me & (FREAKING) Heart No Kuni No Alice is going to become a MOVIE?!?!?!?!
Yadaaaaa~ xD

Isn't this just awesome! There's like so many acoustic ver.s of popular songs <3 Rolling Girl,Toeto,Alice,Lynne,JBF,Hello/Howareyou,Magnet,Mosaic Roll & more! Its better if you let it load then listen to the full impact *O* Link to niconicosamurai0320's channelCLICK

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random Parte 16-GUMI's Birthday Bash!

Let’s play a game:
GUMI’s birthday, June 26,
NicoNico Nama/Seiga, buzzG, Adult, Sweet, NicoNico Headquarters Café, playlist, GUMI menu, Mozaik roll cakes, place mats. Waiting for your answer!

You give up? Then I guess you’ll have to read on for more info.

Update: You can view a video message by GUMI’s voice provider Megumi Nakajima on Internet CO., Ltd’s site (click Nakajima’s picture), recorded especially for GUMI’s birthday. KarenT is also celebrating her birthday with a collection of GUMI songs; check KarenT’s website for more info and a crossfade video.

To celebrate Gumi’s third anniversary on June 26, Internet Co. is organizing several events. First, as said in our previous article, they’re asking fans to submit pictures and songs for this special occasion. The chosen songs (PV’s) will be part of a rotating playlist, played in the NicoNico Headquarters Café during one week starting from the 26. You can still submit your songs until June 30 by uploading them to NND and locking the tag “GUMI誕生祭2011″; so far, 85 songs using the special tag have been uploaded.

As for the pictures, GUMI’s voice provider Megumi Nakajima herself, who recorded a video message to be played on the 26, chose 10 of the submitted works that will be displayed in the Café; place mats were made out of 4 other ones, and they’ll be offered to the customers who order the special GUMI menu. Links to the 14 illustrations can be found here. Worthy of note is that the PV one of the illustrations was used for features Internet Co.’s Noboru Murakami, who admitted he’s the one playing the guitar on some of the demo songs for the Internet Vocaloids. The song is “Natsu no Kaze to, Kimi to Watashi to Mugiwara-boushi” by maya; Murakami plays parts of the solo.

The GUMI menu consists of a mixed muscat and orange juice, the “GUMIX Juice” (same colors as GUMI, as well as two cherries symbolizing her goggles) and 5 differently flavored mosaic roll cakes symbolizing DECO*27′s song Mozaik Role, the Mozaik Roll. The menu costs 1,200 yen, and will be available until July 10.

GUMI menu: GUMIX Juice and Mozaik Roll
Additionally, other chosen works will be displayed on NicoNico Seiga (NN Pictures) on the 26. 221 illustrations have been submitted so far on NicoNico Seiga.

Still on June 26, there will be a NicoNama broadcast with buzzG, Shinya (from Luna Sea) and Gero as guests. buzzG used a version of GUMI Power for his new song “Matsuri-bayashi” and recently released a crossfade demo of his upcoming album.

Also, he uploaded two videos of the making of “Matsubari-bayashi”, which will be relased on June 29. The videos feature interviews with band members (including Gero) and song previews.

Four new samples of GUMI Extend will be revealed during the broadcast, one for each type of voice. No samples for Sweet (immature/young voice) and Adult (calm voice) have been released so far; according to a tweet by Murakami, they will use “Interstellar Flight” again for both demos.

The NicoLive will be broadcast on June 26, 10pm Japan Standard Time (1pm UTC). Noboru Murakami will be present, and motsu from m.o.v.e will be the host. The stream will be available here.

All in all, you don’t want to miss that NicoNama! June 26 will be a crazy day for GUMI…
Sources: Internet CO., Ltd’s website, Noboru Murakami’s Twitter account, NicoNico Info.

More on Gumi's Extend,
ぐみ by いっすん帽子
A crossfade demo featuring all the GUMI voices (normal and Extends) singing the same song, “Interstellar Flight”, has been revealed during the special NicoNama celebrating GUMI’s second birthday. Follow us after the break for the video!

More info on the voices: the Extends are all in their beta stage, and the pronunciation as well as the transitions between the different syllables/morae will be improved in the final version. It should be noted that the exact same VSQ has been used for this demo. Details on the different voices:

Power: A powerful voice with a strong attack.
Whisper: A breathy and soft voice sounding like someone whispering.
Sweet: An anime-like immature voice.
Adult: An adult-like calm voice.

Check the video below; the voices used are in order: normal GUMI, Power, Whisper, Sweet and Adult. The people appearing on the top-right corner are (in order again): Noboru Murakami, Shinya, buzzG motsu and Gero.

From Vocaloidism Osu!

VSR 04: Gumi Love!

I wonder whats the point in making Append, Extends & the rest ?
Vocaloids will sound human until

One happy beat this is. Though Gumi's voice could b e more clearer, this is very good.

I like the song, but if she's a "brass" band girl, why does she also have woodwind instruments (clarinet, flute) :P

Not the best song in the world, but the PV is cute!

Seems like that its an original by beatman888guitarist. ^-^ Awesome, he should write & compose more songs ~

Why do i end up feeling sorry for Len in every single vocaloid video?
in the tragaties, he always dies.
in the songs that arn't tragaties, he often still dies. (cough, fear garden, cough)
in magnet and adolecence, he's not allowed to love rin.
in 'why dont you call me yet' he has an illness.
in his own 'the world is mine', he gets bullied by rin and run over by a road roller.
... and now it's rape/violation... -_-

^ I love that comment~

Random Parte 17- [VOCA] Coming Up!

As you all know, Miku Append was release last year [2010] & Kagamine Append was release in 2011 ^-^ But now, there will be Megpoid's EXTEND.
Vocaloid 3 which supports Chinese,Spanish & Korean will be released too!
OMG, can you believe it? VY2 Yuma was already so awesome, I guess the year after Miku came out Vocaloids started to come in bursts & so much at a time its hard to keep track of everything. @_@

Hatsune Miku Append
Kagamine Rin & Len Append

Append - the Future of Luka

Luka is the next member of the character Vocal series to be appended. Confirmation has come through that she will be updated next after Meiko, Kaito will follow her.

The appends for both her and Meiko were later reported as coming along much quieter then other updates.

Extend - the Future of Megpoid

-Following the success of Crypton's Append, Internet Co., Ltd had confirmed Gumi will receive a "Megpoid Extend" ion in 2011.
On 2011/20/1 confirmation was released that recordings had started for the Megpoid Extend, several vocal recordings have already been recorded.

-The first voicebank demo, Megpoid Extend Power β was uploaded on the 21/05/2011 onto Nico Nico Douga, its time spent up was only brief.[10] Demos for Power and Whisper were also put up, but also removed a short time later. A more perament version was uploaded later.Gumi's whisper Extend was used to sing "Fly me to the moon" and "BeMyself" in her power Extend, their upload was also temporay and were removed at a later date.

Confirmed Vocaloids

-CUL - after her inital introduction as the mascot of VOCALO Revolution, Cul has now been confirmed to be becoming a Vocaloid in her own right, Internet.Co will create her Voicabank. Previously, she used any female Vocaloid, typically VY1 for the show and Miku for a competition song. "Cul rebirth" voiced by Eri Kitamura. Vocaloid 3
-Ring Suzune - Revealled on Vocafes 1 alongside Lui. Vocaloid 3
-Lui Hibiki - Revealled on Vocafes 1 alongside Ring. Vocaloid 3
-Crypton has confirmed CV04 a male Vocaloid. Previously mentioned to be Vocaloid 2; no further mentioning, status unknown.
-PowerFX have confirmed 1 male vocaloid for Vocaloid 3
-Zero-G have confirmed 2 new voicebanks for Vocaloid 3
-Bplats have confirmed male and female VY voicebanks in English
-AH software is doing a producer based project, the intention is to create a varity of different output results for Vocaloid to make the software evolve into new directions.
-1st PLACE ; Lia, the singer best known for her Air and Angel Beats! theme songs will also be providing her voice for 1st Place's first Vocaloid.
-Yamaha confirmed a female vocaloid based on singer Miu Sakamoto.
-The Korean company SBS Artech will release a Korean voicebank ; the voice provider will be artist Kim Tahi (17 year old, part of the K-pop girl band "Glam"). She will have both a Japanese and a Korean voicebank, and English pronunciation will be possible by using the Korean one.
-Sound samples were also shown for Chinese and spanish vocals, but details are missing. It is however confirmed that there will be Vocaloids in those languagese produced.


-Crypton is updating Kaito and Meiko to later engine versions.
-Crypton have confirmed a Hatsune Miku English,
-Crypton has confirmed Kaito Append is Vocaloid 2.
-Crypton have confirmed a Megurine Luka Append.
-Internet co., Ltd has confirmed Megpoid Extend, Vocaloid 2.
-Updates for Gumi, Gakupo, Lily and Ryuto are to occur for Vocaloid 3.
-Crypton will keep current Vocaloids made for Vocaloid 2 on Vocaloid 2 but will make allowance for them to be updated for free.
-VY1 and VY2 will be updated and sold together with the Vocaloid3 software.

Awaiting Further Information

-Sufersparadise and Studio DEEN head the i-Style Project, what exactly the project is remains unknown.
-MOEJAPAN has introduced the concept of a “Vocaloid you can meet”, the “fusion of a 2D Vocaloid and a 3D idol”: Vocaloidol. “Real” idols from two agencies, MOGRA and Dear Stage, will provide their voices to several Vocaloids, and they will meet their fans.

Possible Future Voicebanks

-According to Internet Co., Ltd if there is demand there will be a Gackpoid Extend
-Anders confirmed if English Vocaloids become more popular, Zero-G and PowerFX will consider making Appends for their Vocaloids.
-There are no plans for Miku English Append, however it is confirmed Crypton are considering them for the future.
-According to Anders, if there is demand updates for all past Zero-G and PowerFX -Vocaloids to newer engines is a possiblity. The major factor in this though is the workload needed and involved in the process against the demand.
-Crypton Future Media mentioned a possibility of Kaito English. However, the actual move towards this project is reported as "complicated".


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random Parte 16-Updates & things

 I am in mode.
Woooooo, froggie! ._.
Tralala~ xD  I have better things to do than be random & hyper :PP
So as you can see, I updated my banner & removed the song bar.
My disclaimer is updated & there are .gifs & pics of my all time fav anime/manga at the bottom :3
I want to say sorry to my NM friends that I'm not exactly interested in spamming or whatnot there currently so hope you can forgive me ^-^ I might be missing or being a phantom in a while, since NM is where I truly belong. But at the moment, I shall be blogging ,catching up on anime/manga &dealing with my PC problems.~

NOW, lets Spread The Randomness Virus!


Have I posted this before? I don'tmind it since its so awesome!
Sky Fish by bowa bowa <3 Just beautiful *O*

I really do want do post more gifs but sadly something's wrong with blogger & I always get the error.
http://anigifs.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/yumekui_e6_p2.gif http://anigifs.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/e1_p3.gif
Ahh well, who cares.
O-kayy~ I'm now on Soul Eater Not!, Special A (manga) & Pandora Hearts (manga) God, I love the soundtrack to PH the anime <3