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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

VSR 04: Gumi Love!

I wonder whats the point in making Append, Extends & the rest ?
Vocaloids will sound human until

One happy beat this is. Though Gumi's voice could b e more clearer, this is very good.

I like the song, but if she's a "brass" band girl, why does she also have woodwind instruments (clarinet, flute) :P

Not the best song in the world, but the PV is cute!

Seems like that its an original by beatman888guitarist. ^-^ Awesome, he should write & compose more songs ~

Why do i end up feeling sorry for Len in every single vocaloid video?
in the tragaties, he always dies.
in the songs that arn't tragaties, he often still dies. (cough, fear garden, cough)
in magnet and adolecence, he's not allowed to love rin.
in 'why dont you call me yet' he has an illness.
in his own 'the world is mine', he gets bullied by rin and run over by a road roller.
... and now it's rape/violation... -_-

^ I love that comment~

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