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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random Parte 13 + VSR 01 :I'm LATE!

Nyaaaa, Its dinner time! I'm hungry for sausages <3 Nom time!
But I'm here to talk about anime. Uhhh....well who cares? xD
BTW, VSR's will have 5 vids each ^^ & Downloads & info are in YT.

Cats will eat CHU!

Is the list for Spring Anime 2011. March to May.

 VSR 01------------------------------------------------------------------

Oh gosh, did you just see Yagami Light at 0:17? xD Scared the freaking crap outta me. Well, this is certainly an energetic song. Though there are random things in this random video, well it can't be anymore random than me commenting about it can't it?

Symphony by BuzzG. Wow at the animation! The song is meh to be because its rock but who doesn't like rock from Miku? (I do! But I can't say that xD) Great song though, a story floats through the PV. ^^

A winter Jazz song by Nem. I love this! 'Its a song that suits hot tea :D' by CherryJuuiice on YT.

Mr.Music. I've just discovered this by today. WHY? xD
Happy & Upbeat, sung by Miku,Luka, Rin,Len & Yuki.

Why can't Rin be real for pete's sake? 'The girl I have a huge crush on (which she knows) just linked me to this song...' byFlashBrazer on YT.
The loud pitch hurts my ears, but Rin is too cute in this song! Nyaaa~

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