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Friday, October 21, 2011

INFINITE > Songs that melt your Heart (Literally~)

I'll now post all the songs Infinite sang up till now kay :D Please bear with me ^^

Debut Stage:

And they are now:

1. "Infinity" (typeset as ∞)

2. "Come Back Again" (다시 돌아와)

(Dance ver.)

3. "She's Back"

4. "Wings" (날개)

5. "Fixed Star" (붙박이 별)

6. "Entrust" (맡겨)

1. "Evolution" (Intro)

2. "BTD (Before The Dawn)"

(Dance Version)

3. "Can U Smile"

4. "Hysterie"

5. "Voice of My Heart" (마음으로)

6. "I Don't Know" (몰라)

1st Single Album INSPIRIT
1. "Nothing's Over"

2. "Shot"

3. "Can U Smile" (Remake)

1st Studio Album OVER THE TOP
1. "Over the Top" (Intro)

2. "Be Mine" (내꺼하자)

(Dance Version)

3. "A Third Part" (3분의 1)

4. "Tic Toc"

5. "Julia"

6. "Because" (SungGyu solo)

7. "Stop the Time" (시간아) (WooHyun solo)

8. "Amazing"

9. "Crying" (Infinite H feat. Baby Soul)

10. "Real Story"

Repackage album (Paradise)

3. "Paradise" (파라다이스)

4. "Cover Girl"

13. "Be Mine" (Remix version) (내꺼하자)

Paradise - Physical version

14. "Hidden Track"

PLEASE SUPPORT THEM By buying their album & repackage ! INFINITE HWaitinggg! <3

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