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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Strange Dream Yesterday

Its started when i was going up a stage & dancing with some green glowing figures & my back was against the audience. Then suddenly I was a horse & later my friend told me that my neck was too low for a horse :O

Then, I was down in the hall of my high school o.o Then we we sitting on chairs & there we desks in front of us. A teacher said that we had to either count the desks & chairs or rather move them +o+ I think I have been WS*-ing too much.

Suddendly the scene changed.I was walking out from my house,I was wearing this V

and a brown Ne-Yo like hat. I think it was drizzling or something resulting me holding a maroon umbrella and walking to the left outside our house. Then suddenly I thought it was *pantang to wear a hat under an umbrella so I took it off and started walking towards the mini market opposite. I think I've been watching too much KDramas lately, everywhere I went was those luxurious cafe & shops *o*

Well, I got to my destination but suddenly met Joelle. >< I was too ashamed to buy snacks ( as I usually do when I go to the mini market) so I just followed her & made an excuse abandoning her halfway home to buy my snacks. I suddenly saw my pendrive on the ground & stared at it but didn't pick it up.. (Why? ;O) I went into the shop & grabbed a RM3 packet of snacks then searched for a RM2 snack. I finally found one BUT! it was unfortunately RM2.80 & I only had (Dang it!) RM5..I was like literally crying there xD POOOF! Dream ENDS~ And I woke up screaming NY Korea Festivalll!!! I ran downstairs but it was only 7.30 . The NYK Festival starts at 9.40 ==;;;

Now, how about the Festival? It was okay, aside from the fact that there was NO SJ,UKSS or INFINITE but I am (NOT) okay with that :D
Changmin's mic suddenly broke down & he was as cool as a cucumber performing like a pro. I think afteer Insooni's performance, the rest that performed were all old people singing old songs. And ofc, 2PM started off the concert. But I wanted a little more power in ShiNee dancing. Do they perform like that all the time or what?
I'm not a Shawol so I can't really say anything meep :3

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