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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My very first NND covers (that i've listen to)

clear's Iroha Uta. Seriously last time i thought it was kaito (the pic said it all),but then it was human voice and i was extremely puzzled. First solo NND cover to hear was clear.(AREN'T I LUCKY?)

Then came this which i didn't know was a NND chorus. It was the first time listening to Iroha Uta anyways.XD Moved on to Rin's ver.

Ah~Alice Human Sacrifice. Surprisingly it was the same as Iroha Uta. After A.H.S i discovered Machigerita-P (DRW? Test Tube Pricess? Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance ?)

(Did i mention Machigerita-P ROCKS MY SOCKS? Musician, Painter and Singer all in one go!!!!~!!!!~~~~)
Listen to his voice.This is a Y to Y ver. feat.Sora. (Though Sora only sings Mirai after Machigerita)

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