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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

R.T PARTE 10 "ALice" Happy 10th R.T Parte~

OOH.I have time for one teeny weeny R.T Parte.The pic is very boring as i had no time to edit it BEAUTIFULLY.Pay no mind to it.Well,unfortunately I was going to celebrate my 10th R.T Parte.But I have no time to. Okay maybe later. OKay. Okay. Maybe NOW. oh well.

Okay.Recently (seriously not.long time ago already.), i remembered that once a youtube user commented on "alice" by vocaloids>? Seriously, but as a Vocaloid fan, surely you know that there is a ton of vocaloids songs (maybe not) with the word alice in it right? So, today's R.T Parte will be exactly that.

Alice-Hatsune Miku (listen to Ritsuka's version. It's heaven~)

Persona Alice-Hatsune Miku

Dark Alice-Hatsune Miku

Winter Alice-Hatsune Miku

[Meiko][Kaito][Miku][Rin][Len]-Alice in Wonderland:Horror Of A Fairytale

[Meiko][Kaito][Miku][Rin][Len]-Alice Human Sacrifice

Len - Boku to Alice no Wonderland

Alice in Dreamland-Kaito

Well, that's all i can think of. Maybe the future has more "alice" songs. Until then, bye-bye.

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