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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OH?oo R.T Parte 8 (I think?)

Today my friend came and gave me a shell thingy? (Seriously i didn't Look at my phone.Its in my room and on silent)
Its quite pretty though one shell is broken..T^T
She came back from Thailand? Weeelll i'm going to N.Z on Thursday and mum says thati'm going to meet m&d's friend,Rosemary...o.o Oh dear.

Oh. Just recently Utatane Piko was released. He sounds like NND's Piko. Really.Hm.Maybe it IS him>>? I listened to his demo and he sounds like Iroha's low voiced ver. I looked at the comments and they said that he sounds like Gkupo & Rin's daughter..and one look he looks like a girl witha thigh length dress like Miki.Maybe they'll be together as the design is ALMOST similliar (uhm. please look at wikia. He a guy for cryi'n out loud and he sounds feminine) I also found out Fujita Saki is Hatsune Miku's seiyuu and her song Crystal Quartz sounds exactly like a human Miku? (Append.Append!!! Has a LOOONG way to go. But it sounds beautiful too >3 ) Asami Shimoda's Rin Rin Signal differs her Rin&Len Voice very WELL. (Rin & Len's seiyuu)
Thats it for todayy.."

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