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Saturday, December 11, 2010


okay.seriously, but i just lost 5 hours. It's fast 5 hours than penang u see.
I was like zombie-ish staring at the screen in the aeroplane.Well, i survived that miraclously.Oh then, i came down from the plane and was surrounded by white people. Seriously, they are more friendly than malaysian people.¬¬¬XXD

cAME out of the aeroplane, then it wa FREEZING COLD¬¬¬
It smells of ferns and bread in the morning and at night it just smells that rotten ferns>?? Oh. the food portion here is LARGE. We went to a bar for our first dinner here.And people here don't wear jackets.(The're used to it i guess.)

Day 2?
Um well, we went from Auckland to Hamilton and then Rotura(?).Lots and lots of driving.I was sleepy like heck.Then at night we had dinner at a restraunt and i met SU ying!!Gosh.COINCIDENCE. Nth really happend today. Just driving.yeah.
Oh and we went to this glowworm cave`(*its REALLY pretty)
DAY 3?
Today we're driving a luge? its like a cart? Okay.I'm lazy to do this XD
We're going to see to sheer sheep now? yeah.

Hey, are u wondering why i have broadband here?? heehee. Oh. sry no pics. Saya go home then upload.XD TATA-For now.>3 (btw i can't sing T^T)

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