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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

HELLOO~ JUZ CHecking to see that i'm alive~ BRS Update:>

These are my excuses. 1)Went to N.Z 2) School reopend 3)I'm lazy and all i do is eat and sleep...(=="""")
oh well, That's me.Okay well, Today as promised, I will finish up BRS wiki.Then move on to Kagamine songlist.

Dead Master (デッドマスター) is the "other self" of Takanashi Yomi.
Her weapon of choice is a large scythe named Dead Scythe.Most of the time she is accompanied by two skulls, each with glowing cavities.

She is showy and sinister, licking her fingers when trying to kill Black★Rock Shooter and making huge shows with her scythe. She makes a large show of threatening, wicked smiles, and while she is quiet, she is silently taunting her enemy. She also makes hissing noises when agitated.

Apparently, she can take over Takanashi Yomi's body when her emotions become similar to the Dead Master's.

Taken from wikia.

TsuWan's opinion: She's the antagonist in the OVA anime series Black★Rock Shooter. She's Mato's friend that gets jelous because Mato gets a new friend and she feels left out.Well, i can sure relate to that. It happend to me.Once.

Insane Black★Rock Shooter(インセインブラック★ロックシューター - Insein Burakku Rokku Shuuta) is presumed to be another form of Black★Rock Shooter. She does not appear in the OVA. Her bladed weapon does appear in the OVA however. She first appeared on huke's blog and his pixiv account.

TsuWan's opinion:nothing.She looks cool. Heard somewhere abt BRS and Black Gold Saw
were 'infused' (blue+red=purple) and became Insane BRS. (Not confirmed yet though.)

Black★Gold Saw (ブラック★ゴールドソ) is part of the supporting cast of the OVA series Black★Rock Shooter. Her relevance to the plot is still unclear, and her origins, along with her human counterpart, have not been disclosed.Her weapon of choice is a large black sword with a long handle and a curved hilt shaped like a pointing-down crescent; its name is "King Saw". It is unknown if she is an "other self" at all, and if she is, whom she is one for and how she relates to Black★Rock Shooter or Kuroi Mato.

TsuWan's opinion: She fights against BRS in the first part of the OVA. And looks way cool.But then,Which BRS character doesn't look cool>? (the're designed by huke for fish's sake.)

Black★Devil Girl (ブラック★デビガール - Burakku Debi Garu) is part of huke's Black★Rock Shooter.She uses a black-handled katana for combat.

TsuWan's opinion: She's cool, but since she's wearing glasses i don't really like her. (I'm a person who doesn't like megane kyaras.But i'm wearing glasses so its a wonder...)

Black★Matagi (ブラック★マタギ - Burakku★Matagi) is part of the supporting cast in huke's Black★Rock Shooter. Her weapon is a gunblade, a large artillery weapon with an even larger blade attached to its end. Its overall length can rival Black★Matagi's height.

TsuWan's opinion: Who doesn't like gunblades??SERIOUSLY. (EEEE cool-ness overload>>!)

Strength (or STR) is part of the supporting cast in the OVA anime series Black★Rock Shooter. She is implied to be the "other self" of Yuu. Strength is also known as White Rock Strength. Like Geshumaru, Strength uses mechanized weaponry. Her arms are made up of two huge mechanical arms called "Ogre Arm".She is shown approaching Black★Rock Shooter and the Dead Master in their battles (but in a different part of the Otherworld), while at the same time Yuu's feelings at being "left out" grow darker.

TsuWan's opinion: Seriously.Me no likey.She stole MATOOO~ but who can blame her? She's the character that doen't have any control of what happens to her.

BRS UPdate:Underworld Vulcan,Death Scythe,Geshumaru,Nafhe,& Ninja Zero Two will be coming up. A pic will be posted starring (B★RS,B★GS,STR & DM)

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