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Sunday, November 28, 2010

R.T Parte 7: PROJECT DIVA 2nd

It's time to BOOGIE with Project Diva!!~~
As usual, I just had a sudden urge to search for Project Diva and then i couldn't stop so..
Wow, It's PSP huh? I also want onee ...sigh costs money..
Okay! Project Diva is quite interesting as u get to see your vocaloid characters dance (i guess?) but i haven't touched a PSP or any of that sort before so can't say anything.There's a video down there that is Extreme mode and it looks quite hard (it IS EXTREME aftr all)

Magnet>> Those two look Absoultely gorgeous >///<

Cantarella!!Kaito CAN dance? WoW.

What is Project DIVA 2nd without JBF?

Double Liarat.Wow. Luka looks Bad (?)

Meiko-nee's only song is Project Diva2nd? Change Me~~ GO! MEIKO!!

Meltdown~! But sadly theres no guitar..T^T


Gemini is quite a monotonous song but its quite catchy (RIN & LENNN)


Promise-Rin&Miku (by samfree..remember Luka LuKA Night Fever? Miki MikiRomantic Night? Megu Megu Fire Endless Night? Lily Lily Buring Night?)

ThE Serect Garden OP.

The 2nd OP?

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