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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

UPDATE: ***19/1/2011

Okay>>>: 1)new template .
2)Banner of The Kagamines.
3)Disclaimer updated.
4)The title description updated.
5)clock added.
6)BRS update> STILL pending..
7)Kagamine Songlist > PENDING LIKE ANYTHING.
8)pic at side>DONE. But it goes to Singer In The Dark>>
9)Photo album> pending..
10)Graphiccs> don't seem to work huh.. PENDING...

For The Singer In the Dark>>> :
1) new template
2) banner> pending..
3) clock> pending...
4) videos & ipod> pending...
5) pic at side>pending...
6) cbox > pending..
7)Graphics? >pending...

SEEE? I'm not lazy.Just no time.
Oh and Hakuoki Season 1 is called Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Season 2 is called Hakuoki Hekketsu Roku.
For anyone to wants some Gyaku Harem.> LOVE<3 SoujiXChizuru//SaitoXChizuru//HeisukeXChizuru//KazamaXChizuru//>>//////<<

Will post BRS (really.!SHinjite kureru yo ne>?) and Hakuoki Character info/. But Kagamine songlist..i'm still thinking about wheter i should do it.Because it needs to be updated.Like everyday.AND I don't have time like that...~!


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