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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random Parte 10~Lazieee>*o*

I'm lazy and i know it.With school,home and fren problems,*SIGH* its a loooong year.
But anyways, HAPPY (early) NEW YEAR!! & Thaipusam (but who cares? no offence.)
Anyways,I just joined BAKA-Updates and Nihonomaru (though a long time ago~)
so if you just want to check it out its: X / the forum>> And Baka-Updates you can just serach on google. GO GOOGLE IT!

My illegal burning
I've also finished my Hakuouki quest, AVI-ing season 1 & season 2 (each 3 parts.from Youtube) then transferring them to my pendrive named chi-chan then burning them to two seperate disks. Phew. Now for Soul Eater!!

Though this has nothing to do with anything, i've recently started downloading english songs.Going crazy.(with JB in it too.) I recently thought about what had influenced me to do my hobbies and interests.~
1)Violin>>The anime,La Corda D'ro.

2)Singing>> It just came naturally.I started singing along to songs. And not to mention stupidly printing out the lyrics & romaji~Sigh*I mostly sing Vocaloid songs but i somehow thought that wasn't going to help me so,English~comes.

3)Drawing>>My sister.She used to design some clothes and i thought it was beautiful.I started copying what she did(She's my sis after all.) and after somewhile stopped then i started again four years ago.Till now, i always doodle in my book when its Geo,KH,Math & BC period.

4)Cello>>Kanon Wakashima.She's so cool 0><0

5)Vocaloids>>"I thought, "what the heck, i should go try some of that vocaloid stufff and VOILA! Hatsune Miku-chan was the first one to be seen.(didn't bother with the engloids that much)
Vocaloids seen sequence :
1)Hatsune Miku
2)Megurine Luka
3)Kagamine Rin & Len (Act2) (Act1 is horrible!)
5)Meiko (Best for traditional Jap. songs)

6)Megpoid Gumi
7)Kamui Gakupo (I didn't see him until Gumi was released.I only found out he EXSISTED after Gumi was released & he was from the singer Gackt.Though i have no 'eck idea who the dude is.)
8)Prima (based on a real opera singer.~)
9)Sweet Ann
10)Leon (Ohhh.my ears.)

AH software
11)Kaai Yuki (grade scholler (?))
12)Furukawa Miki
13)Hiyama Kiyoteru (Rumored to be an older & grown-up ver. of Kaito.Best solo-ed.)
14)Hatsune Miku APPEND (Love Dark.Solid sounds weird.)
15)Lily (sounded horrible with those who don't know how to use her since she was hard to use.)

16)VY1 Mizki (eeeee!!~~ so smooth!)
17)Nekomura Iroha (AH Software too. LOVED <3 Her demo was so smooth that i had high expatations for her.)
18) Gachapoid (Even though he was released BEFORE Iroha, i didn't look at him.Hello>? Buck-toothed dino>?)
19)Utatane Piko (voiced by NND's Piko who is legendary for his EXTREMELY Girly voice just like Sekihan.EXamples:Amu.LOVE those who can changed thire voice drastically <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3)
20) TO COME~!

_tsuwan DESU~!

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