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Sunday, January 23, 2011

MR 02: Shape of Love

(The title pic is Story2)

1) Shape of Love
"Hisa, think only of me. Look only at me." Men who work in dissolute places, mostly have dark and dangerous pasts. Although bar girl Hisa knows the danger, she can’t help but fall in love. Can she too accept her boyfriend’s past--?

TsuO: U don't want to read this seriously. When i was finished, i was like "WHAT>?/???" The start was okay, there's 3 Parts. The First part was okay, the second was going off a bit and the last one was #^$%*^(^(^*%&#@$!!* -ing. *SIGH*
Rating: 2/10 (Just for Part I)

(The title pic is Story2)
2) an*do Twin Star
A story about a pair of twins who want to be number one in Japan.

TsuO: This was okay too. But i didn't like Satomi.She was too domineering. And Her twin was like too over the top. Like sometimes she was Strong and others she was like tofu. == SPOILER!!The story was a bit cliched and the ending was sad. BUT! This showed the close-ness of both twins from the day they were born.
Overall was like sfx:ugh...hm.
Rating: 2/10

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