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Thursday, November 18, 2010

My JOURNEY >In Bcoming a Otaku & Fujoshi (not really++)

Its sounds so DRAMATIC UP THERE ^^^
Oh well, I was feeling random today so here we go. I'll tell you about the time i started liking anime and manga.(heh heh...i sound so perverted...==)
Weeell, The first anime i've watched is PARADISE KISS!! (OMG, can u believe that?)
I just realised it, but isn't that anime super (not for a kid like me genre) adult one? Not really smutty but should you be showing it to a standard 3year old kid? Hello? PEOPLE??
It was actually my sister's friend "fishball eyes" (trust me she hates her. The name gives no hints?) and that was the first time i discovered Youtube. Thats so tragic i'll tell ya.

Then I watched my first "transforming shoujo" anime, Tokyo Mew Mew. It's not even SAILOR MOON.Jeesh. Well i watched Sailor Moon too you know after that. But all the seasons had missing eps last time so i didn't get to watch them resulting in me skipping about 60% of the eps. *DEEEEP Sigh*

Then went on and on. Anime, Manga and on.
Well, Then suddenly my friend who IS a hardcore fujoshi, Introduced me to YAOI. Seriously. I din't even suspect anything. Until i watched my first yaoi anime, Junjou Romantica. I thought, "Holy shit! I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS??!!?"

I became a fan right there and then. So~ Which brings me to the present, I am currently looking for nice yaoi manga such as from Minami-sensei,Kisaragi-Sensei& Takanaga-sensei.(KYAAA~)

How to Search for 801 Manga& Anime..
It's not like i copied this from anywhere, but i just want to share with you all my technique to find manga nad anime.Aarinfantasy is a good source for 801.Well My routine is like this. Since i have searched for some yaoi on Mangatraders, The Mangaka I like most i'll go search for them on Baka-Updates. Then, i'll looking for the ones i like, google searching for them adding "mediafire download" behind the title. Usually i find them right on top. So i just download them, unzip them and VOILA! u can read them ALREADY!! But sometimes, if you REALLY can't find them, u must go to their scanlation website and download from there.The 'Yahoo answers' in the column next to my posts title "the things i like or so~" will give some nice titles and some websites to find 'em. Good luck~

Btw this is off topic, but can SOMEONE recommend me some Shoujo or Yaoi manga? I'm dying just not reading anything~~ T^T

My genres or Shoujo manga are : Fantasy,Reverse Harem,Comedy & Romance. (If all three then that would be a miracle!~)
For Yaoi it would be: The seme and uke are both young and Bishie-ish. Thats all.Heehee
(I don't like ones that the seme is a 'old' looking guy while the uke is a prissy. But well, anyhthing goes. I would rather prefer Good stories and Hawt scenes.>///< Tats so embarasiing for me to say~) My hardcore Fujoshi friend likes the seme and uke 'reversed' like the uke is the older one and the seme is the younger one. And the type that i mentioned above.But well, some change is good for my heart you know.)

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