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Sunday, November 14, 2010


According to Zero-G, they looked at what was missing and decided that there was a gap for a classical soprano voice. Prima's voice provider was a singer who answered an ad put up on a music academy website. After some test samples in the Vocaloid software, they decided to go ahead and record her for the Vocaloid 2 software.

When Prima was released in Japan on February 22, 2008, she was often used as a back up singer for other Vocaloid songs.

However, after increased interest began to occur in vocaloids and demand rose, Zero-G began reselling Lola, Leon, and Miriam from their own website via their virtual shop. Prima was also included, but according to Zero-G, although the three older vocaloids may get a redesign in the future they feel Prima is fine the way she is and neither she nor Tonio will receive a make over.

Usage for Music
What makes Prima different from the Vocaloids before her is that her voice was modeled after a professional Soprano opera singer, this means she can hit high notes with accuracy and ease. Like other Zero-G vocaloids, Prima has a British accent although it is not always apparent due to her singing style and voice. She has one of the most powerful sounding of the Vocaloids. Prima can create the 5 breathing phonemes ([br1]-[br5]) making her the only current female of the English voicebanks that can. Because opera involves languages that require a rolling tongue for pronunciation, the phoneme "R" had to be invented for Prima's voicebank. From Prima onwards, this became a prominent feature of all English capable Vocaloids.

However, she is noted to be harder to tweak into other styles in general despite having what is considered one of the clearest English speaking Vocaloid 2 voice banks, as her voice is one of the most stylistic of the Vocaloids. Despite difficulty, with adjustments Prima's voice can be made to suit the intended genres a user wishes her to sing in. This has resulted in her having one of the most extensive collection of songs with covers and orginal works in almost every genre possible despite being intended for just one style of music orginally.

Her voicebank is also good as a atmospheric singer and able to maintain a clear and constant sound while other vocaloids sing over her voice. Since it is possible to achieve results with Prima with limited lyrics or none at all, she can be one of the easier English vocaloids to use by users who lack confidence in their English skills.

Tonio is intended to be Prima's partner.

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