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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Following on from the success of Vocaloid PRIMA, Zero-G announced a release date of February 2010 for Vocaloid TONIO, a brand-new plug-in virtual singer modelled on the voice of a professional male classical singer, and powered by Yamaha VOCALOID2 Singing Synthesis Technology.

Usage for Music
According to an interview[5] with Dom Keefe, Tonio has a range from baritone to Tenor and is intended to be a partner to Prima. He shares many properties with Prima as a result so many of the techniques that are used for Prima will also be possible or needed for Tonio. The difference between them is that Prima favors higher octaves, whereas Tonio favors the lower octaves.

Compared to the previous Male English Vocaloid, Big Al, Tonio has a stronger and more powerful voice overall then he does. However unlike Big Al, Tonio suffers from a slight gender problem, although this is not as bad as seen with Leon, he may need a small adjustment to the gender factor to make him sound masculine. Although both male Vocaloids share the common preference for the lower octaves, Tonio is the weaker at the very low end of the piano scale, but has a stronger medium range compared to Big Al.

His demos show him singing in languages such as Italian and Spanish, however he is a English Vocaloid and to make him sing in other languages like all Vocaloids this means spending time working with the phonetic system. As seen in his demos, due to his style of voice and his accent Tonio also is able to use the rolling note effect R on the Phonetic system to the greatest advantage of all the Vocaloids.

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