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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vocaloid Sweet-Ann

Sweet Ann is a Vocaloid released by PowerFX. She was the first vocaloid created using Yamaha’s Vocaloid2 upgraded software [3]. Her name is a pun based on her origins, meaning that Sweet-Ann = Swe-den.

She is voiced by "an Australian singer whose artist name is 'Jody'".

Usage for Music
Her voice is an improvement over past female voices Lola and Miriam. As her name suggests, her voice is meant to sound "sweet" and she has a variety of uses within music. She is mostly used for pop music but is ideal for early-mid 20th century rock/country songs. She also has a distinct Australian accent within her voice. She lacks the breathing phonetic, users sometimes substitute other Vocaloids like Miku when they have to make Ann breath for a song. As the rolling "R" phoneme wasn't introduced until Prima, she is the only English capable Vocaloid 2 without it included in her capablities.

Prior to Sonika's release, Sweet Ann was the only Vocaloid 2 with single language capablities intended for the english speaking market that was capable of more general purposes and had an advantage over Prima for her more flexible design then Prima's stylistic vocals. When Luka Megurine was released, Sweet Ann became a frequent back up singer for Luka during songs where Luka sung in English.

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