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Friday, November 19, 2010

R.T Parte 5- SCL Project and Singing Sandplay of the Dragon

OH OKAY@~~Its time for SCL Project by natsu-P YAY!!!
Maybe half the cosplays of vocaloid come from here. Oh, and remember Sandplay of the Singing Dragon? The PVs are HERE~~>>>> The cosply is down there somewhere though. Take your time browsing..(they sure love to CROSSDRESS Len huh? But, isn't that just AWESHUM FOR US LEN FANGIRLS?? KYAAA~~ I heard that they wanted to put rin not len in the Song and PV.But then, somehow they changed it to Len and the"VOILA!" YAOI HEAVEN~*SIGH*)Fleeting Moon Flower (the name) sounds like Floating Moon Flower by Len & Luka..

Fleeting Moon Flower-Kaito,Len&Gakupo by natsu-P

Fate:Rebirth-Kaito,Len&Gakupo by natsu-P

Imitaion Black-Kaito,Len&Gakupo by natsu-P

KAITO.LEN & GAKUPO's ver.(Original Version)

KAITO.MIKU & GAKUPO's ver. (The alternate version)

Gakupo's ver. He looks so HAWT >///< (Seriously, but Len is WAAAYY better. Hee~)

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