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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Big-Al's announcement was made on January 21, 2007. A plugin version was released on the PowerFX site on December 22, 2009, with a DVD version that was available after Christmas.

Usage for Music
His voice was modeled after a Swedish rock vocalist. He had more keys recorded for him than Sweet Ann. Unlike Sweet Ann, Big Al is capable of 5 breathing phonemes as well as other phonemes that were not included in previous english Vocaloids but had in their Japanese counterparts. His timbre is comparably lower, rougher, and more "manly" than Leon’s and has replaced many of the traditional roles that Leon once used. His voice also has a noted Swedish accent that at times quite clear to hear, which gives him a unique sound against other male vocaloids or the other English Vocaloids.

Big-Al is typically geared for early-mid 20th century classic rock although he has been used for a wide variety of genres such as blues, disco and pop. He is also often used as backup singer for other vocaloids; his voice is used because it favors singing in the range (in classical music terms) bass to baritone. By using Big Al, music producers can broaden the vocal range of a group singing together, particularly the male vocaloids as before Big-Al's release none could reach as low as he could. He is capable of reaching higher octaves, however it is generally accepted that his voicebanks are more suited for the lower octaves than higher. Also, like Prima he is capable of being used effectively with limited Lyrics or no Lyrics.

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