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Sunday, November 21, 2010

R.T Parte 6

My Project:01 Started on November 22 00:00
Currently Working on DVD Burning (though illegal) from all the Vocaloid PV'S I've collected because my PC has no Space. So...BRS might wait a VERY long time. Since i'm off to New Zealand on December 9 until after Christmas, oh well. D o you think that my DVD burning is so easy? Well, nothing in this world is easy LOL.

I have to first convert all my videos which are .flv into .avi. (all 100 over vids)
Oh but that already takes up a HUGE ENORMOUS chunk of my time. Then oput it into a DVD. But i'll have to persuade my mom to let me use her laptop since my PPC is not DVD burnable.

Well okay, maybe that IS easy. But to me is ain't so. OH! Did i tell you about my day?
Well this past few days (since my final day of Form1) have been relatively boring. I use the PC (As i'm doing now) until 3a.m in the morning and then go and sleep. I wake at about 12? Then i go eat Lunch. Amusing isn't it? I don't EAT breakfast AT ALL. Seriously. Well, i blog every other day. sO...

Ho hum. I have nothing to do and just waiting for my PV's to be converted. So i just read read and READ manga until i go crazy. (Did i mention that i always read a manga about 5 times? Untl it becomes "permanent" in my PC folder.) Sigh.

Oh well until then i have somemore interesting things to share with you all. TA-TA!!~

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