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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vocaloid Lola

Lola was the first female Vocaloid ever released along with fellow Vocaloid Leon. Lola was released on the 15th of January 2004 and she is commonly used for trance or techno music.

Usage for Music
Unlike Leon, Lola has not been used as much, so information amongst fans is limited compared to many other vocaloids. She is mostly used for techno and digital music despite being sold as a soul singer. Like Leon, she suffers from the same robotic sound as due to the early Vocaloid engine and both Leon and Lola have the worst robotic "twang" of the Vocaloid era voicebanks. So like with Leon users must apply the same editing techniques to her voice to make her sound realistic, it's difficult but not completely impossible to achieve. As with Leon some users do not attempt to hide her robotic voice and likewise also with Leon, perfection is not necessary to achieve results due to the acceptance of the dated voicebank.

Her biggest advantage over other female vocaloids is her strong, husky voice, having the deepest of the current female voice banks. However she is often commented to sound like a man (ironically, at times Leon can sound female) because of how the vocaloid engine handles her voice. At the same time her voice has placed her as one of the less populaur voicebanks, as most vocaloid users prefer a clearer and lighter female voice. She can be hard to blend in with other voices, although not impossible, and contains many flat notes although this again is due to the Vocaloid voice engine. She also has a unique ring to her voice that other females do not, similar to how users have commented on Big Al's accent gives his voice a unique sound.

A Japanese electropop-artist Susumu Hirasawa used Vocaloid Lola in the original soundtrack of "Paprika" by Satoshi Kon.[3]. Susumu Hiarsawa announced that "If users can edit her perfectly, she can be a proffesional (singer). She can sing in soprano or whatever if they edit her overwhelmingly" on his blog. Since Susumu Hirasawa has not told which Vocaloid he used for a long time except the fact it was a female vocaloid, many fans speculated it was Meiko. However, later he mentioned on a magazine interview that it was Lola.

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