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Sunday, November 14, 2010

R.T Parte 3

Original by Len.
Sadly the Rin ver. was copyrighted and audio was not avalabile on youtube.
But luckily there was a duet ver. in my PC. HEEHEE.

(Original title)
([Kagamine Len] I drew Magical ☆ Cat LenLen [PV])

This is a PV of "Magical ☆ Nuko LenLen" which was originally produced by Owata-P in Dec.12,2009. (So kyuute~*nosebleeds*)

The name seems to be Young Emperor's Forest? From Youtube.

Since Magnet people only put Luka in duets with Miku. Little they know, that LukaxRin is what truly is FTW.

Music Title:【Rin・Len】鏡音八八花合戦 english subbed
"Kagamine hachi-hachi hana no kassen",
"Hachi-hachi Flowery Battle of Kagamines"
Singers: 鏡音レン(Len Kagamine),鏡音リン(Rin Kagamine) modulated byモジャP(Mojya-P)
Authors: music byモジャP(Mojya-P), lyrics by にれぎる(Niregiru), Video by melou
Copied frm Nico video. (Youtube.)

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